Our Hemp Chef uniforms are expertly crafted in Europe from organic European hemp


The future is now
female hemp chef jacket
womens hemp chef jacket 4_edited
Men's hemp cuisine tunic
hemp chef jacket
womens hemp chef jacket 4_edited
Front of house hemp bibbed apron
breathe and reach panel
air flow panel
womens hemp chef jacket_edited
hemp chef jacket
ladies hemp tunic
womens hemp chef jacket 2_edited
Classic cut
Hemp bibbed apron and oven cloth

"Fkn beautiful ! Really comfortable and a perfect fit!"

Adam Liston

'SHOBOSHO' Adelaide , Australia

I first saw the design of the cuisine tunic from Husk and Stem early 2016 and thought “i have to have one”.. the cut and shape is fantastic, being created by a chef it has everything you would expect from a quality chefs jacket however there is more to this jacket that meets the eye..... most importantly its sustainably made from pure organic hemp and really comfortable to wear.

This product is made with care and beautifully tailored.

Your team what ever the level will treasure their Husk and Stem work product, i know i do....from the simple skull cap or aprons (coming very soon) to the chefs tunic that i use every day.... 


The product from Husk and Stem are hard wearing, wash well and importantly are strong and durable


Enjoy your tunic...

Devon, United Kingdom

We are always looking for superior products, and for us hemp is far superior than cotton. Durable, heat resistant and soft , the tunics from Husk & Stem wear well and feel great on the skin, which is of great importance as we will wear it every day for many years

Magnus Store

No.5 Test Kitchen, Oslo, Norway

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New line of mens and womens cuts available from OCTOBER 2020


Tim Bouget

ODE- true food is now widely regarded as being at the forefront of the sustainable food movement in the UK. As a company we are constantly searching for quality, new, innovative producers and products.

Owner Ode True Food , devon , United kingdom

Adam Liston has proven himself yet again with Shobosho in Adelaide, earning his first chef hat. well done team Shobosho!! If your lucky enough to get a table get in there , go for the tasting menu. There is even a 'Feed me option" Watching the chefs plate up in front of you is a great experience , with simple effective flavor combinations, and the use of the highest quality products South Australian produces, Shobosho is a must try, if not frequent!

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free hemp shopping bag with every tunic purchased

Womens cut

Cuisine tunic

Now available

Remember Hemp wear's" IN not OUT "

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womens hemp chef jacket 4_edited